A square unique in Europe

Prato della Valle

Prato della Valle, one of the symbols of Padua, is a big elliptical piazza which, as well as being the biggest piazza in Padua, is also one of the biggest in Europe (88620m²), second only to Red Square in Moscow.

The piazza is actually a big majestic space characterised by a central green island, known as Memmia Island, which is dedicated to Andrea Memmo who commissioned work on the piazza, surrounded by a canal lined with two rings of statues of famous figures from the past, of which there were 88 in the original plans for the piazza.

Today there are 78 statues, with 8 pedestals bearing obelisks and two empty pedestals. They are statues of the city’s most illustrious inhabitants, Paduans by birth or adoption, and commemorate professors and students who honour the city and study in Padua.

There are four avenues that cross the Piazza with small bridges, meeting in the centre of the island.